Brand Audits and Checklists

Full Service Audits

Perform audits by gathering information and formulating a report with isee’s customized features.   The audit function allows you to carry out batch tests with the facility to add comments and photos.  These can then be used to identify recurring problems. A task management option available on iPads support audit resolution.  You can then implement an action plan to address any shortfalls.  The notification system allows you to delegate tasks.

There is the ability to pause and complete an audit at a later time.  You can review and make any adjustments before the final report is generated.

 PL Image 9


The checklists can be used to ensure that your business environment meets the appropriate service standards.  Staff will be able to score against set criteria and any identified issues such as problems with the air conditioning can be emailed directly with photos to the relevant person to resolve as a task.  The progress against task can be monitored and escalated where deadlines have not been met.