isee has worked with a number of restaurant groups to develop a holistic, integrated management tool for use by managers.

The audit module allows managers to quickly complete their regular checklists and upload photos of any identified issues. This allows for a clear and accurate record of what needs to be done as well as giving the ability to delegate tasks to responsible parties.

The feedback module allows you to capture customer opinion after guests have finished their meal.  If dissatisfaction is expressed then alerts can be set up to allow the manager to resolve any complaints before they escalate.

isee are integrated with POS to allow for activity reports to be generated in real time of performance in the restaurant as well as customer information and preferences.

The platform allows for easy collection of customer details and a marketing database can be quickly developed.  It is then possible to send out targeted mail shots with news and special offers.

The social media plug-ins allow for positive user-generated content.  Satisfied customers can be asked to leave a review which is then posted by the restaurant or they can choose to capture a selfie and tag themselves in for their friends to see.